What I Thought of “The Squirt and the Whale”

I think this episode turned out okay. I loved the premise of Lisa trying to rescue the whale, but I hated the premise of the Simpson family getting wind-power energy. This episode features a sad moment, which is of course, Bluella the whale dying. The first hilarious moment in this sad, sad episode is when Homer is using the power saw, and then the power goes out. Homer decides to take a nap, and the power comes back on. Homer is taken to the power saw, and his head is being cut. Another hilarious moment in this sad episode is when Homer yells to Bart, while trying to comfort Lisa, “I’m trying to be a sensitive father, you unwanted moron!” As I have a somewhat crude humor, I thought that was hilarious. I loved the moment when Lisa is at Bluella’s ditch (where Bluella lied during her beached process), and she hears whale calls. She looks out to the shore, and sees Bluella’s children. However, suddenly, sharks come and are ready to eat the whales. Homer then says a hilarious line, saying that, after Lisa says nature is just taking place and she can’t do anything, “Nature is a

Bluella, the beached whale, has died.

toothless, dying hag!” That line is partly true, as she is a dying hag. As Homer tries to save the whales, he pulls out a whale harpoon, which I ultimately laughed at. Homer, after Lisa says they cannot kill other animals to save another animal after hearing eco-activists say so, falls in and is trailed by the sharks. Lisa shouts that Homer must look like a whale calf to them, and we shift to the most hilarious moment of the episode, which is Homer looking exactly like a whale calf from the shark’s point of view, and he states: “Baby whale? How could that be?” Homer then shouts another hilarious line, saying “Why couldn’t I have been eaten by a giraffe? That would’ve been cool.” The eco-activists shout to Homer, giving him a bucket of chum to get the sharks away (or just for them to eat him faster), Homer is ultimately hit in the head with the bucket, causing him to bleed. Homer is then saved by the father whale, and is taken back to shore. Homer suggests that, after Lisa asks if they will be alright, he is a young whale with two cute kids, and he’ll meet a lady octopus soon, and he senses a whaleopus soon. The end of the episode was touching, showing drawings of the events Homer described. It shows the whale and the children, the whale meeting the octopus, the whale and the octopus playing with the whaleopus, the woman whaleopus’ wedding, and the 50th wedding anniversary for the whale and the octopus. Anyways, I hope you all watched this episode, because I did.


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