Dedication: Lisa Simpson

Lisa Marie Simpson is the second child of Homer and Marge Simpson, and the first daughter of the family. Born to Homer and Marge in (presumably) 1983, she is the smartest of their three children. She is the younger sister of troublemaker Bart Simpson, and the elder sister of baby Maggie Simpson. It is shown widely in the series that Lisa is a high intellectual and in superior knowledge than most of her family. Despite her young age, Lisa has had a wide range of crushes and boyfriends, including Ralph, Nelson, and Colin. In “Moaning Lisa,” she becomes depressed, but does not know the reason for it, and she is immediately snapped out of it when she discovers Bleeding Gums Murphy. She is deeply saddened by his death in “Round Springfield,” which aired five years after their original meeting. Despite her high intellectual status, Lisa is shown to have childhood beliefs and issues, such as loving “The Happy Little Elves,” playing with dolls, obsessing over a teen heartthrob named Corey, and watching “The Itchy & Scratchy Show.” She occasionally worries that her family’s hereditary stupidity will wear on her, as shown in “Lisa the Simpson.” Despite this, she is shown quite loyal to her family, as seen in “Lisa’s Wedding.” It is shown that Lisa’s intelligence is caused by her paternal grandmother, Mona. Lisa is shown as a feminist, vegetarian, and Buddhist. She often fights against sexism, as shown in “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy,” where she is visibly disgusted that the new talking Malibu Stacy mutters sexist remarks against women. Lisa became a vegetarian in season seven’s “Lisa the Vegetarian,” where she destroyed her father’s piece of resistance, the roasted pig, an act she apologized for later. In “She of Little Faith,” Lisa converts to Buddhism as she is disgusted to what the church did to itself after a storm. Due to her never getting teaching as a little girl, Lisa tries very hard to get Maggie to become smart as her. It is shown that Lisa is afraid that Maggie will, one day, become smarter than her, shown in “Smart and Smarter.” Even though she may be a egotistical bitch, Lisa  will always be remembered for being the feminist, Buddhist, vegetarian daughter of the whole USA. But remember:

“A man who envies our family is a man who needs help.”


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