Apu: Hello, steady customer. How are you this evening, sir?

Homer: How ya doing, Apu?

Homer: Mmm…chocolate. Ooh…double chocolate. New flavor…triple chocolate!

Homer: Perhaps a little something for the trip back to the cash register.

Apu: What’s the matter, sir? Never have I seen you look so unhappy while purchasing such a large quantity of ice cream.

Homer: The reason I look unhappy is that tonight I have to see a slideshow starring my wife’s sisters. Or as I call ’em: “The Gruesome Twosome.” Hehehehehe.

Fake Krusty: Ow, my foot! You lousy, stupid, clumsy—

Homer: Sorry, pal. Huh! Waugh!

Fake Krusty: Hand over all your money in a paper bag.

Apu: Yes, yes, I know the procedure for armed robbery.  I do work in a convenience store, you know.

Happy 20th Anniversary to “Krusty Gets Busted!”


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