Random Episode Review — “Lisa the Beauty Queen”

Here is my review of season four’s “Lisa the Beauty Queen.” Enjoy!

Original Air Date: October 15th, 1992

I think this episode turned out well enough. I liked the premise of Lisa entering a beauty pageant, losing, and then getting the title by default after Amber Dempsey is struck by lightning. A hilarious moment in this episode is when Homer is telling Bart to tell Lisa that she is beautiful (after going to the salon), and he says that he will get a reward in return. Homer says it is extra dinner, and some stuff he’ll tell him about when he’s older. We assume that it is sexual intercourse, but Homer’s daydream suggests that he meant Marge mowing the lawn while he relaxes. As I have a crude sense of humor, I found that very funny and laughed my ass off when I watched this for the first time in 1993. I find it very peculiar that I laughed at it because I am an advocate feminist. Moving on from that debacle, I liked the reference to the unofficial inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson on November 22nd, 1963, with Marge in a parody of Jacqueline Kennedy, wearing a pink suit and looking solemn. I never knew it referenced the Kennedy assassination until two years ago. Anyway, I hope you all watched this episode in 1992, because I did.


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