What I Thought of “To Surveil with Love”

I think this episode turned out well enough. I didn’t like the premise of Ned Flanders running a security system, which is a reality series watched by her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. I also didn’t like the subplot with Lisa dying her hair a different color due to hair prejudice. A hilarious moment in the episode is when Homer bets with Moe, Lenny, and Carl what the weather would be like for the day, correctly guessing thunderstorms with golf ball sized hail. Ned, a citizen running the security system, tells him that it is illegal wagering and that he will say “uh-uh” until he gives it back. Homer, annoyed, gives the money back and leaves, to be hit by the golf-ball sized hail. I also laughed my ass off while watching Lisa dying her hair, saying “Dye! Dye! Dye!” Oh, and before I forget, I liked the appearance of the (supposedly) dead Sharry Bobbins. As I expected, I hated the couch gag with the Simpson family singing “TiK ToK.” I also loved the appearance by Brandine, smoking and drinking…then we cut to her pregnant stomach, saying “that made the kicking stop.” My crude humor made me laugh my ass off at that moment. The most hilarious moment of the episode is when we see Homer with a clown mask covering his penis, and as I will say again, my crude humor made my ass come off with laughter. Something I didn’t like was the subplot of Lisa dying her hair wasn’t used until fifteen minutes in, and I wasn’t surprised when the plot fell flat, ending after only seven minutes of showing her dye her hair. I loved the ending homage to “Lisa’s Rival,” with Prince Charles saying to his mummy his cat’s breath smells like cat food. Anyways, I somewhat hope you all watched this episode tonight, because I did.


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