What I Thought of “The Bob Next Door”

I think this episode turned out fantastic. I loved the premise of “Walt Warren” moving in next to the Simpsons, and Bart, after hearing his voice, thinks that he is Sideshow Bob..but is he? A hilarious moment in the episode is when Homer says to “Sideshow Bob” that he is going to do what he should have done to his son a long time ago. The most hilarious moment in the episode, however, is when Marge and Bart enter the Springfield Penitentiary, and the warren tells Marge not to draw attention to herself, but then yells “Pretty lady in a strapless dress!” which I ultimately laughed at. Otherwise, I was quite shocked, not at that Walt actually was Bob and Bob was Walt, no, but that the writers when down that obvious and cliched path. Nevertheless, this episode turned out quite well. I was severely disgusted with the showing of the face being taken off, and the hypothetical death of Bart. I loved the moment when Bart had his family see him at the Five Corners, and Homer was wearing Mexican clothes, as they thought Sideshow Bob/Walt Warren was going to Mexico. Another hilarious moment in this great episode was when the Simpson’s new neighbor is a relative of Ned’s, Homer may get so annoyed that he is driven to murder. Anyway, I hope you all watched this episode, because I did.


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