What I Thought of “Judge Me Tender”

I think this episode turned out well enough. I was skeptical that the American Idol plot would turn out good, but I was somewhat wrong….I was also skeptical of the Homer/Marge subplot.  A hilarious moment in the episode was when Homer and Marge are together for the first time in awhile, and Homer shocks Marge by going everywhere she goes. Another moment that got a chuckle out of me was when Lisa had Moe buy band candy in a thought bubble. I liked the featuring of the song “Sweet Home Alabama,” which isn’t featured quite often. I also got a chuckle of Homer swallowing the water from the water heater, and having to spit it out on Flanders. I also got a somewhat big laugh out of Ralph saying about Simon Cowell, which is as follows: “He’s a BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.” When Moe got to the judge’s panel, I couldn’t agree more with the portrayals.  As for the subplot review,  it turned out bad. It had somewhat p0tential, but then after Marge didn’t like Homer at the house (which Marge, in the classic era, loved), I lost the liking for it. Otherwise, I didn’t like the ending to the subplot or the main plot, so I think my episode rating would get a 3/5. Anyway, I hope you all watched the season finale, because I did.


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