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What I Thought of “Elementary School Musical”

As guessed, I thought this episode was boring. I did enjoy some parts, but not the majority of the episode. I *chuckled* at the joggers from fat camp, and that’s basically it. The guest stars from Glee were absolutely pointless – both plots completely ran out after about just five minutes into it. They both grew stale and really uninteresting. I didn’t find ANYTHING funny about the Krusty subplot, it was just completely needless and stupid. The main plot of Lisa was *okay*, but almost as stale and unfunny as the subplot. Hopefully something can be thought more funny of in the next episode – anything will be better than this. Anyway I hope you all (didn’t) watch this episode, because I did (and regret it).


Happy (Belated) Birthday to Someone Special!

Happy (belated) 21st birthday, Judy! I hope you had a great time! – Nathan

Happy crazy ass birthday, Jude! Hope you got drunk offs yo’ crazy ass! 😉 – Maggie

Mags has the idea correct..hehe..happy birthday, Judes!  – Harriette

Happy Birthday again, Judy! – Tom


“Mrs. Simpson, if you set to push the bile to the tip of my throat, mission accomplished. I’m … uh … gonna crawl into bed with a bottle of amaretto. Good day.” – Llewelyn Sinclair


Airing Tonight

Airing tonight is the 22nd season premiere of The Simpsons – “Elementary School Musical.” Hopefully we can find *something* good in this terrible, terrible episode.

Yeah … I don’t even think I have the strength to place the synopsis here …


So damn sorry…

We are SO SORRY for not updating for so long! My 21st birthday came and went, I had a great time – sorry for no post for on it, Mr. Nathan didn’t put it in the queue. 😛

We’ll try to update in the coming weeks, definitely in October – we DO NOT want to miss Everything Simpson’s traditional Halloween special. Sorry to those on NoHomers for my very long absence – I’ve been very busy at my job and with life, in general.

Thanks for listening,



Bart: Look at this ugly face.

Lisa: That’s nothin’, check this out.

Maggie: (baby talk) That’s nothing, check this out.

Bart: That’s nothin’, man, check this–

[Marge enters]

Marge: Are you kids making ugly faces?

Bart: Maybe.

Marge: Well you know, if you keep making those faces, you’ll freeze that way…and you’ll be stuck with a horrible face forever.

[Marge leaves. The kids look to eachother]

Lisa: Do you think mom was telling the truth?

Bart: Mom wouldn’t lie.

Bart, Lisa & Maggie: Alright!

Happy 23rd Anniversary to “Making Faces!”


Happy Birthday to a Very Special Contributor

Happy 22nd Birthday of our own Rubber Baby Bugger Bumper Babysitter Nathan Sites!

Rubber Baby Bugger Bumper Babysitter Harriette notes: Happy Birthday, Nathan! I hope you have a great day!

Rubber Baby Bugger Bumper Babysitter Maggie notes: Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day!

Rubber Baby Bugger Bumper Babysitter Tom notes: Happy Birthday, Nathan! Have a wonderful day and spectacular gifts!

Rubber Baby Bugger Bumper Babysitter Judy notes: Happy Birthday, Nathan! As your little sister, I am obligated to say this: have a nice night, with it drifting to 12AM and you realize…my birthday is over and I’ll be treated like shit as everybody else. Off of that depressing subject ( 😉 ), happy birthday!