What I Thought of “Loan-a Lisa”

Sorry I am late on this, too busy to try to write a full-fledged review. Either way, here it is:

I thought this episode was bad … well … what is new? I thought the plot of Lisa giving a loan to Nelson and Nelson changing his life around and helping others was … uh … nice, but not great. Then we got to the stale part of the episode, which is otherwise known as minute #1. Nelson is going to drop out of school due to success, which Lisa disapproves of … then realizes that some of the most successful people in the world dropped out before college – such as the douche-magoosh Mark Zuckerberg, the not the richest man in the world anymore Bill Gates, and others that I really didn’t want to remember. Lisa then contemplates taking her loan away, but then sees Nelson’s business collapse, so she doesn’t have to do the “harsh” truth for Nelson. Then the supposedly try to go back to season 8 by having them “like” eachother, with a special ending – having Mark Zuckerberg in intense pain. Either way, I hope you all watched this episode, everybody. Because I did (and sort of regret it).


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