Conversation Episode Review – Treehouse of Horror V

Due to it being October, we are going to be (we promise) frequent Conversation Episode Reviews of THOH. Let us go!

Judy: Should we watch Treehouse of Horror V, today?

Maggie: Let’s, Judy. I’ve been itching to watch a Treehouse of Horror.

Harriette: So have I! Put it in, lackey Tom.

Tom: Yes, miser Harriette.

Maggie: Here comes two!

0:07: Judy: I like the return of Marge’s “parental guidance suggested” warning. I’ve missed it since Treehouse of Horror II.

0:07: Harriette: I agree, I like the warning that Marge did in the early THOH’s. I wish they would come back with it for the next THOH, since they brought back the before-Halloween-date – they should bring back the warning.

0:07: Tom: They should, but they’d probably butcher it.

0:07: Judy: I’d think they would, too … but it would still be nice to see another warning from Marge. Either way, unpause it, lackey Tom.

0:07: Tom: Yes, miser Judy.

0:20: Judy: Congress won’t let them show it?! NOOOO!

0:20: Maggie: Hehe. 😆

0:24: Judy: The 1947 Glenn Ford movie, ‘ ‘ 200 MILES TO OREGON . ‘ ‘

0:24: Harriette: I wonder what it was like. 😆

0:24: Tom: Judy, was there an actual film called 200 Miles to Oregon?

0:24: Judy: No. But I Googled it, in case of emergencies, and it said that a man flew 200 miles to Oregon.

0:24: Maggie: Why?

0:24: Judy: I don’t know, Mags. 😆 Just unpause it, Tom.

0:50: Harriette: THIS. IS. MY. VOICE. ON. THE. TV!

0:50: Judy: Harriette, you’re ruining the mood! 😆

1:51: Tom: When I was little, and I hadn’t watched “The Shining” yet, I always wondered what The Simpsons was trying to parody.

1:51: Maggie: By the time this aired, I had already watched “The Shining.” A whole lotta boobs.

1:51: Judy: Maggie … uh … I’m changing that to a more child-appropriate word. 😆

1:51: Maggie: Sorry, Judes. Unpause it, Tom.

2:10: Judy: That was always my nightmare when I left for a trip. I always had to think to myself “Did I lock the front door and the backdoor and remember my Grampa?” 😆

2:10: Harriette: Once, my family did leave without locking the front door and when we got back, nothing was stolen. I guess we had a lot of crappy things. 😆

2:30: Tom: When I was little, I always wondered what had happened to Grampa.

2:30: Judy: So did I. Then I really didn’t care after Homer starting to go ga-ga (Willie’s words). 😆

3:02: Judy: Ughhhhhh! John Denver!

3:15: Tom: That is odd. The blood does always get off at the second floor.

3:22: Maggie: And I thank you, Bart.

3:39: Judy: Shh! Do you wanna get sued?

3:55: Judy: I can live without TV, and of course beer, but I need the internet! 😆

4:16: Harriette: So, I guess … Smithers never got his Coke?

4:16: Maggie: I think he did, Homer’s urge to kill was rising. 😉

4:42: Judy: Maybe I’ll check out that axe collection. See ya’ll later.

4:46: Harriette: Tom, is Judy going to kill us?

4:47: Tom: We’ll just have to wait and see.

5:23: Judy: Feelin’ fine.

5:40: Judy: I always just burst out with laughter when Homer just bursts right into the room yelling “Hello!”

5:40: Tom: So do I, it’s just so random too.

5:56: Judy: Don’t mind if I do!

6:07: Judy: In case of spousal insanity

6:29: Maggie: Hm … chili would be good tonight.

6:45: Judy: I was always so scared to watch this scene when I was little, I couldn’t handle looking at Freddy.

6:45: Tom: I was the same way, Judes.

6:58: Harriette: Hi, David, I’m Grampa!

7:16: Judy: I could never watch this DVD at nighttime, even know, because I don’t like hearing the words ‘murderous rampage.’ :lol”

7:49: Judy: I hope that rid was scotch-guarded.

8:16: Nathan: Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover.

8:16: Judy: Oh my God, Nathan – you’re actually here?

8:16: Nathan: No, just wanted to say one of my favorite quotes. I’ll be going now.

8:22: Harriette: RISING!

8:38: Maggie: Television’s warm glowing warming glow.

9:04: Tom: Finally a new segment … 😆

9:04: Harriette: Why do you say that, Tom? Did you not like “The Shinning?”

9:04: Tom: Oh, God no. I just was tired of saying about it, I was ready for a change. 😆

9:o4: Harriette: Oh, I get it.

9:15: Judy: The first time I ever watched this, I knew that this beginning was too cheery to be true. 😆

9:16: Harriette: Judy, your hand’s stuck in the toaster!

9:16: Judy: AHHHHH!

9:28: Tom: Probably the funniest beginning of any THOH segment. Ever.

9:28: Judy: Agreed.

9:31: Maggie: Judy, it’s in there again!

9:31: Judy: AHHH! GET IT! GET IT OFF ME!!

9:45: Maggie: I didn’t know that a rock was the right tool to fix anything until this episode. 😆

10:11: Tom: Look at that! I’m the first non-Brazilian person to travel backwards in time.

10:27: Judy: I went back to when dinosaurs weren’t just confined to zoos!

10:44: Harriette: Why would a father give that advice on a wedding day?

10:44: Judy: Hilarity effect.

10:53: Judy: Stupid bug! You go squish now!

10:53: Maggie: I try to say that everyday of my entire life.

11:25: Tom: Hi-diddly-ho, slave-er-eenos!

11:29: Harriette: Hey, what is that geek Flanders doing on TV?

11:35: Judy: Uh-oh, Tom, we’ve got a Nector Nelly in Sector 2!

12:01: Harriette: BIG SMILES!

12:09: Judy: HAHAHAHA … my God … I can’t stand this scene, I laugh too much I feel as if I’m having a heart attack.

12:10: Harriette: What the hell are you smiling at?

12:40: Maggie: It’s … BLISSSSSSSSSSSSS!

13:16: Judy: Yeah .. I’ve got to go to the doctor because I think I’ve laughed too much.

13:17: Judy: Oh, I wish, I wish, I hadn’t killed that fish.

13:30: Maggie: I remember having a nightmare where I woke up and Judy’s eye was right next to my bedroom window. It was scary. Hehe.

13:30: Judy: My eye is always scary, Mags.

13:55: Harriette: After watching this episode, I now believe that the dinosaurs died out because of a sneezing disease.

13:55: Tom: Hehe.

14:31: Judy: And that’s the definition of i-roon-yyyyyyy!

14:47: Harriette: This is indeed a disturbing universe.

15:59: Judy: I’d probably stay there, too – they … or it … just have snake tongues and remember TGIF.

16:13: Maggie: See how simple pranksters were in the ’90s?

16:13: Harriette: Yep.

16:13: Judy: I love this segment, it’s probably the first really terrifying segment of THOH’s.

16:13: Tom: I think I’d agree, Judy.

16:13: Harriette: What about Bart Simpson’s Dracula?

16:13: Judy: That was scary, considering the time period, but it’s not really as terrifying as Nightmare Cafeteria.

16:48: Tom: I wonder what Grade F meat tastes like.

16:48: Judy: Probably like salty garbage with a hint of circus animal.

16:58: Harriette: If he didn’t want to get that soup … or … whatever … all over him why did he tip Lunchlady Doris?

16:58: Judy: You know, I’ve always wondered that too. I guess it’s another mystery of life we’ll never know until we die.

17:18: Maggie: It’s hard for me to clean this giant pot when you keep spilling meat tenderizer all over me.

17:27: Judy: Even though I’m not a cannibal, I’d probably turn to be one for that deliciously-looking burger.

18:05: Harriette: Das is good, ya?

18:19: Judy: So … hm … 7 multiplied by 250?

18:19: Tom: HA!

18:22: Maggie: Are those “wieners” his intestines?

18:22: Harriette: I would guess so, I’m not sure.

18:57: Tom: Way to give away our delicious plan, Skinner.

19:08: Judy: I love how Marge acts so calm in this scene – even when her children beg her not to have them eaten.

19:15: Judy: … And say “Don’t Eat Me!”

19:27: Tom: She’s having some Sherrindigestion.

19:46: Maggie: I wonder what Wendell in food form looked like.

19:46: Judy: Ew, we need to cut down on the cannibalistic jokes, okay? 😉 😆

19:46: Tom: Yes, miser Judy.

19:50: Maggie: The Joy of Cooking Milhouse!

20:55: Judy: Probably the first ever time I’ve been so terrified I couldn’t sleep at a Simpsons episode.

21:06: Harriette: Well … uh … maybe not Milhouse.

21:27: Judy: Except that fog that turns people inside out.

21:45: Tom: One! Chorus line of people, dancin’ till they make us stop!

21:57: Judy: Many people, covered in blood, gore, and glop!

END OF EPISODE: Judy: Thanks for reading, everybody! I hope you have a great Halloween season!

END OF EPISODE: Maggie: Thanks for reading! Get into the Halloween spirit or else … 😈

END OF EPISODE: Tom: Thanks for reading, everybody!

END OF EPISODE: Harriette: Thanks, everybody! I hope you have a wonderful (and scary) Halloween season!


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