Random Episode Review – Treehouse of Horror III

Treehouse of Horror III is such a wonderful edition to the series of THOH’s, that’s I am so glad to be reviewing it today. I love all three segments, I love the feel of the Halloween party, I love basically everything Halloween-ey about it (well, I am a Halloween-ey gal). Either way, let’s get onto reviewing.

The episode begins at a Halloween party at the Simpsons; with Marge as Cleopatra and Homer as Caesar; Bart as Alex DeLarge; Lisa as the Statue of Liberty; and Martin as Calliope, the muse of heroic poetry (no kiddin!) Nobody has any idea of what to do; so Marge suggests somebody to tell a scary story. Lisa volunteers; and tells –


I love this segment; it is a definite 4.5/5, not fantastic, but still really great. I love the premise, taking most of the plot from one of my favorite scary movies, “Child’s Play” (1988). My favorite moment of the episode has to be when a man dumps nude photos of Whoopi Goldberg into the Bottomless Pit, only to have it fly back up again. I presume that even the Bottomless Pit doesn’t want them – but I don’t know. My favorite line of the episode is when Homer is attacked by the Krusty doll for the last time, when he tells Marge that the toaster has been laughing at him. Another great moment is the “Somebody set this to ‘Evil’! line, and Krusty becoming Homer’s slave. A great segment to start a great episode.

After Lisa’s story, Homer begins to tell a story about a woman, dead, coming through the door and bashing her husband in the head with a golfclub; although he went bowling and that’s what bugged her. Bored with the story, Bart asks Grampa to tell the story; saying he has led an interesting life. That’s a lie and we all know it; but Grampa has seen a lot of movies.


Personally, I think this segment is a bit bland, although it does have spot-on comparisons with “King Kong,and some of the most hilarious one-liners. I’d most likely give this segment a 3.5/5, just because of the somewhat “blandness” of the episode. My favorite moment of the episode is when they are at the Broadway stage, with the sign saying “HOMER : THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD; WITH THE CHUBBIEST KICKLINE IN TOWN,” with it showing the chubbiest kickline in town. I also like the inclusion of Shirley Temple, before she is eating by the large ape. I like the final reveal of Marge’s father’s death – being eaten by a large ape. A good episode, not great, but still an okay addition to this great episode.

Marge then says that instead of candy, she’ll be handing out healthy, fresh fruits .. as fruit is nature’s candy. Disgruntled, an unseen child throws an ashtray at her face. The door opens to reveal a zombie, with the children going frantic. It is just revealed as good ol’ Ned Flanders, who scaredly-dared us. Bart then says that he’ll tell a story that will wet everybody’s pants, although he is too late on Grampa.


Ah, another great segment in this great episode. I love the aspect of zombies in The Simpsons; and I especially love this segment – the dark feel, the Halloween look, ah, it just gives me a thrill. I love Bart’s chant in the graveyard, I often say that before I leave on Halloween night. I love Homer’s worry about the car instead of the brain-eating zombies; another great, hilarious moment. My utmost favorite moment in the segment has to be “He was a zombie,” as I’m sure it is everybody’s else’s. I also love the “Take me, take me!’ & “BRAINS!’ moment, where the zombies realize that Homer doesn’t have enough brains for them to eat (or none at all). ‘Is this the end of Zombie Shakespeare?’ the shot William Shakespeare says after being clobbered and shot with Homer’s shotgun. After chanting another spell (with notorious condom names), Bart has all of the zombies to go back to Hell, still pushing that boulder.

I just love this episode, plain and simple. It’s a great Halloween episode; perfect to watch all the time; a really great addition to a really great series.

Thanks for reading, John Smith 1882!

– Jooooody


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