Double Review – MoneyBART and XXI


Sorry for the long delay on these reviews, I’ve been having tough personal problems and I haven’t had many moments free. Anyway, here is my review for “MoneyBART” –

The episode was stale, but not terrible. The premise was so-so, it had some ups and some downs – this is probably my favorite of the season (it’s hard to say that as I don’t really love any episode this season). The most hilarious moment of the episode was most likely when Marge, Bart, and Mike Scioscia were on the rollercoaster, for some reason I had a good time watching that than most of the episode. The ending was okay, but not great – I expected Bart to lose, of course, as that was the most predicted thing that would happen. It would have been nice to see them go another route with making Bart win,  as that – most likely – wouldn’t have been expected. Either way – this episode was an okay addition .. I s’pose. I’d give it a solid 2.5/5.

Here is my review for the 21st Treehouse of Horror special, “Treehouse of Horror XXI” –

The opening was okay, I liked the uh .. return .. of the warning that Marge used to do, with Frink saying “shield your little darlings,” which I took as a warning. I chuckled at him saying ‘Ah, I’m dead’ right before he turned to dust, but that’s all I laughed at in the opening. The parody of The Office was unneeded and stupid, I don’t see any reason why they parodied it, but .. uh .. what’cha going to do? Anyway, let’s get started with “War and Pieces” –


I thought this segment was quite distasteful. The plot started out okay, I enjoyed the movie “Jumanji,” so I would have thought that I would have enjoyed this .. well, I was completely wrong. Milhouse dies in the segment, Rod & Todd get crushed by blocks, and a bunch of Moe-like creatures are impaled. Anyway .. I really didn’t enjoy this segment, I didn’t laugh at anything, I just found it all distasteful and disgusting. So .. well .. this is a short review for a segment – let’s get on with it with “Master and Cadaver” –


I thought this segment was great – I’m not even joking. I completely enjoyed this segment, it’s definitely my favorite modern-THOH segment thus far. The premise was great, I loved having just Homer and Marge as the main characters, as you hardly see them together alone in episodes anymore. Homer had some good one-liners in the segment, my favorite was after he looked at Marge’s dead body and commented on how she wanted to ride bikes through New England, but the seats hurt his ass. Anyway, this segment was great – like it or not, you have to appreciate how it had a nice, mysterious feel. I’d give it a solid 5/5. And now let’s go get some poisoned Kool-Aid because it’s time for “Tweenlight” –


As expected, I didn’t like this segment – wait .. I absolutely hated this segment. I hate Twilight, and I hate this segment – and to think Daniel Radcliffe, who stars in the great and epic Harry Potter would go to Twilight. Just .. no. No. The only thing I found funny in this terrible segment was Homer becoming a fat vampire bat and falling, apparently to his death. Anyway .. as I don’t have much things to say (that aren’t all family-oriented) about this, I’ll just give it a solid 2/5. Another terrible ending to another so-so THOH episode. Thanks for your patience waiting for my review, and I hope you all watched it, and give your opinions!

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