Episode Review – The Fool Monty

I am once more sorry for not reviewing this on the day of, but I was busy the next day and I was sick and blah .. anyway, here is my review for “The Fool Monty” –

I thought this episode was bland, but it had a nice ending. The premise was hm .. okay – I liked the idea of Mr. Burns getting amnesia due to his trauma and going through life as a blank slate. However, this episode ran too short and ended on a sour note with Mr. Burns regaining his memory  and deciding to put a dome on the town – and the writers actually remember that something’s been done before…but that’s not important. I would have liked the episode much better if they had Mr. Burns lose his memory earlier on in the show, and then trying to go through life as a nice individual; somewhat like a child. But no – the writers decided Mr. Burns should get his memory back and discover that the reason he’s 104 is because of his hatred. However, I liked the very ending with Mr. Burns stating “That’s my boy” about Nelson Muntz in the school play; I found it a nice moment. I’d give this episode a solid 3/5 because I’m generous.


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