Random Episode Review – Bart vs. Thanksgiving

Due to the holiday, I thought I’d post a review for season 2’s Bart vs. Thanksgiving. Enjoy! –

I thought this episode turned out fantastic. I loved the premise; and my favorite moment of the entire episode was Jackie Bouvier’s two quips; both showing her disdain for her appearance at the Thanksgiving dinner and Marge’s choice at a husband – as she never does anything right. I also liked the appearance of Bart at the Macy’s Parade; which actually happened that year – which I don’t remember, but I remember the 1993 appearance of Bart. Ms. Spencer’s family not forgetting to remember that they couldn’t be there, the depressing old folk’s home, and the description of homelessness by Kent Brockman are just some of the many hilarious moments in the episode; and I thought that I’d mention them. The ending was nice as well, Bart discovering that he was sorry that he had ruined Lisa’s centerpiece and Marge and Homer seeing their actions; saying that they are good parents – and the good Lord giving them one more crack at togetherness. Anyway, I hope you all watched this episode on Thanksgiving 1990 (and continue to watch it annually), because I did and I loved it. A solid 5/5 for this episode – A+.


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