Random Episode Review – Lisa the Simpson

Original Air Date – March 8, 1998

“Lisa the Simpson” – be the ending as it may – is one of those episodes that you watch of The Simpsons that give you a warm feeling inside. Not just because you can feel Lisa’s turmoil and Bart & Homer’s insult to her “Like you!” statement, but because of how the story plays out and how it resolves.

The premise is as such – Lisa finds herself forgetting simple things after not solving a brain teaser – than even Ralph could solve. She then goes to Grampa with her problems and he tells her about the ‘Simpson Gene,’ which affects all Simpsons around Lisa’s age. Facing her future, she tries to stop it from happening – but she gives up and decides to give her brain one last intelligence spark. After appearing on Smartline to tell people to appreciate their intelligence, Homer gathers all of the Simpson family to show Lisa that not all Simpsons turn out bad. However, seeing their occupations – my favorites such as ‘shooting birds at the airport’ and ‘stepping in front of cars and suing the drivers’ – does little to help Lisa. Telling them to go home, Marge tells Homer to introduce Lisa to the women Simpsons. After learning from Dr. Simpson that the Simpson gene is only present in the Y chromosome and it only affects males, Lisa’s faith in her brain and family are restored. She is also able to solve the brain teaser – which was only a difficult way of saying ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6’.

Onto the subplot, hm .. I don’t think it was as strong as the A-plot, I believe it was only time-filler; which was pointless as Lisa’s Simpson turmoil could have easily been an episode on it’s own. Freak-E-Mart and Nude-E-Mart are probably one of my least favorite subplots, only for the reason that I believe it was pointless in this episode. However, it doesn’t affect my grade on this episode at all.

My favorite moment would have to be Lisa giving her brain one last ‘meal,’ going to The Jazz Hole – dirty joke not intended – and the museum, all the like. I also liked – which was probably the most hilarious moment in the episode – Lisa’s dream of her future; she is married to Ralph Wiggum, is morbidly obese, has several children, and somehow developed a Southern accent. I give credit to Yeardley Smith for her work on that scene, her deliverance of the lines was just top-notch hilarity.

One thing that I didn’t like about this episode was how Homer said to Bart that he was going to be a spectacular failure due to the Simpson gene; I would have liked to see Marge at least comfort Bart about his future or just leave that scene out of the episode completely. But, ah well .. it’s still a great Simpsons show.

Overall, this episode is a solid, emotional, hilarity show balled into one. In just a few words, I’m sure that you will love this episode as it is truly spectacular.

Um .. I shoot birds at the airport.

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