Random Episode Review – Boy Scoutz ‘N the Hood

Original Air Date – November 18, 1993

“Boy Scoutz ‘N the Hood” is a gem from the gem-filled season five; it’s not as fantastic as the episodes that surround it, but it’s a pretty damn good episode and I’m glad to be rewatching it today.

The premise of Bart going on a bender and joining the Junior Campers was fantastic – and the father-son raft race was excellent as well, showing some of the most humorous moments in the entire series.

The ending with Ernest Borgnine getting attacked by a Friday the 13th-type figure was a good ending, but I would have rather the episode end on the point of Homer, Ned, Bart, and Rod at the Krusty Burger oil-rig restaurant. But;  it doesn’t effect my grade of this episode at all. My favorite moment of the episode was definitely when Ned, Homer, Rod, and Bart were stranded at sea – Homer having to wash his socks with their only water supply was hilarious; the funniest moment of the episode for me. Sugar Sugar, God speed little doodle, and go away, eating were just some highlights of this humor-filled episode.

This episode is so great, I can’t fathom any least favorite moment .. but, gun to my head, I would pick the ending due to – as stated earlier – the reason that I would have liked the episode to end on the state of Homer, Bart, Rod, and Ned. But, once more stated before, it doesn’t effect my grade on the episode.

Overall, this episode is a complete humor-filled, somewhat emotional gem from season five. Watch it – and you’ll be dazzled by this spectacular episode.

Let’s go crazy .. Broadway style!

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