Episode Review – The Fight Before Christmas

As predicted, I thought this episode was bland – but not entirely terrible, though. I believe the World War II-segment brought it up a bit – and then it left on a so-so note with the puppets. Anyway, here’s my review split into four parts for the four segments –

To the North Pole  –

Hm .. this is probably the most terrible out of the bunch, just for the fact that I don’t like Bart’s wanting to shoot Santa (seriously, he’s ten years old .. I don’t really imagine that as a child .. but, wait, he’s the bad boy that doesn’t care, right writers?). If I had to pick a favorite moment – emphasizing the fact that it’s a “gun to my head” situation – I’d say Homer’s eating of the gingerbread very early in the episode .. which would also count for the most hilarious moment of the episode as I actually chuckled at that; but that’s about it. The ending with the Krusty-Santa revealing he wasn’t down in the dumps and that he was lying to gain sympathy from Bart, sort of .. upset me in a way. It sounds strange, but I really don’t find it funny at all. I also found the train’s fuel being marijuana and the fuel tank sounded as if it is snorting it – though there is a direct difference between marijuana and cocaine; but I digress. Overall, this segment is bland and just completely boring. A definite D-.

A Christmas During Wartime –

This segment brought the episode up, in my opinion, after the first. I found the aspect of Marge going off to war instead of Homer and him becoming the “Rosie the Riveter” type character was chuckle-worthy but not a big laugh-out-loud moment. My favorite moment of this segment would most likely be Marge defeating the Nazis in the war .. I found it nice that they ended it on that event instead of showing the reunion of the family just for the reason that it somewhat showed Marge as a bad-ass of some sort. Anyway, this segment was most likely a C+, not great, but still better than the godawful previous and next.

Martha Claus Visits Marge –

This segment was truly Godawful. I thought that this would be the best of the bunch, but no – how wrong .. completely, completely wrong .. I was. I really can’t find anything that I enjoyed of this segment, so I can’t really tell you my favorite moment of it. The segment started out okay, but it just went on a slippery slope to the unknown depths of the worst center of your imagination. Martha Stewart, one of my favorite talk-show hosts – yes, I’m okay with admitting that I love this overlord of Earth, er .. uh .. talk show host – was terribly overused at the poking fun aspects of her in TV shows, and that joke was beaten to death. Anyway .. overall, I give this segment an F.

The Simpsons Christmas Puppet Boogie –

Hm .. I have mixed feelings about this segment. I mean, it wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t terrible either. It probably is under the category ‘meh’ in my book, I really don’t find any fault with it but I can’t find anything good about it either. My favorite moment of the episode was most likely the ’39 Days of Christmas’ song; just due to the overuse of days of Christmas and it somewhat caught me off guard. The end joke, “Moe kissing Katy Perry,” was .. I suppose .. an okay innuendo joke, but I just don’t think they should have ended the show on it. Anyway, I give this segment a C-.

Well, folks, we just received another Simpsons Christmas craptacular. I hope you all watched it, so you can – if you can – share your ideas about the episode!

That’s not my belly button .. but I didn’t say stop.

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