Conversation Episode Review – Lisa’s Pony

-Taken from the Tumblr version of Everything Simpsons; excuse the differences-

Here is another “Conversation Episode Review,” on Everything Simpsons. All of us nerdy writers at Everything Simpsons are reviewing the season three episode “Lisa’s Pony.” Enjoy!

Judy: Today, gang, we are reviewing “Lisa’s Pony.” What are your thoughts on this episode, Harriette?

Harriette: I love this episode. It’s emotional, funny, and one of the best episode of The Simpsons…albeit it is not in my favorite episode list. It’s probably number six.

Maggie: I, too, love this episode and it is my 2nd favorite episode of all-time.

Tom: I agree. I love this episode. It is my fifth favorite episode of all-time. In fact, my favorite season is season three.

Judy: Off of our opinions, let’s get on with the episode.

Maggie: Here comes two!

1:30: Judy: I always loved how Homer made the ‘monkey noises’ during his dream.

2:02-03: Maggie: That is my shoe.

3:15-27: Tom: Me, during our Talent Show in third grade.

3:15-27: Harriette: You tapped a spoon against parts of your body to make a noise?

3:15-27: Tom: Yes, I did. I actually, surprisingly, got third place. I would have gotten second if Georgia Heffernon’s mother wasn’t sleeping with the gym coach.

3:15-27: Harriette: Is that her real name? Is that even true, Tom?

3:15-27: Tom: It’s true, but it isn’t her real name. I found out in fourth grade, when I learned about ‘the birds and the bees’.

3:36-4:06: Maggie: Every time I watch this episode, I always think that Bart does an impression of Marge. It must be from some different episode…I can’t think of it at this exact moment.

4:14-19: Tom: It’s hilarious that Homer doesn’t even have a picture of his own daughter. Season three was when Homer started to show his stupidity & how he is a horrible father (at moments, though).

5:01-04: Judy: Bingo.

5:14: Judy: I was a little disappointed that Homer says ‘saxophone’ in this episode instead of ‘saxomaphone’.

5:17-24: Judy: “My Ding-a-Ling! My Ding-a-Ling! I want you to play with my Ding-a-Ling!” I love this moment. It is utterly, utterly hilarious. A little tidbit: “My Ding-a-Ling” was sung in 1972 by Chuck Berry, and it was about a bell.

6:33: Tom: The slogan for the “Mount Bellyache” is: “You’d Weigh Less on the Moon Anyway.”

6:33: Maggie: Agreed.

6:59-7:25: Judy: The first emotional moment of the episode. When I watched this for the first time at the young age of three, I started to get tears in my eyes. Now I still feel sad, but I’m not moved to tears by this sequence.

6:59-7:25: Tom: You actually cried because of that?

6:59-7:25: Judy: Yes, is there anything wrong with that?

6:59-7:25: Tom: Nothing, I just…thought I was alone! *sobs* I cried too! Oh dear God, this sequence always brings tears to my eyes! *sobs* Somebody finally shares my pain of watching Homer ignore young Lisa! *sobs*

8:48-51: Harriette: “You sound like you’re going to buy a pony. Promise me you won’t.”

8:52: Tom: “Hm.”

8:52-54: Maggie: “What was that? Was that a yes or a no?”

8:54: Judy: “Ba.”

8:55-56: Harriette: “Those aren’t even words!”

8:56: Judy: “Nah.”

9:03: Maggie: I remember having a pet shop in my childhood neighborhood having a sign that said: “You pet it, you bought it.” After seeing this episode, I was tempted to steal it.

10:41-45: Harriette: “By the way, are you acquainted with our state’s stringent usury laws?”

10:45-46: Judy: “Yoo-shoo-ree?”

10:58-11:01: Tom: “That is it, isn’t? You’re not planning to eat it?” I’m glad that Mr. Burns actually has a heart for animals.

11:32-35: Maggie: I love how Homer tries to shove the Horse in the backseat of his car by her ass. I’m sure Homer’s face smelled terribly after that.

11:32-35: Judy: I’m sure it did.

11:50-54: Tom: I love this “The Godfather” reference. As “The Godfather” is one of my favorite films, it is a wonderful thing for it to be referenced in my favorite show.

13:11-14: Harriette: “Father, you’ve made me the happiest girl that ever lived.”

13:19-42: Maggie: That is me and my grandfather in 1996, when I was 7. I always tried to get him to play my NES, and he always yelled saying ‘What do I do? What do I do?!’

13:49-50: Judy: “Aw, I was hoping it’d be money.”

14:10-15: Harriette: “First you didn’t want me to get the pony, now you want me to take it back, make up your mind!” I love how Homer never pays attention to what people say to him, except for bits & pieces.

14:35-42: Maggie: I always loved this moment. It really showed how much Lisa cares for animals.

14:35-42: Harriette: I agree.

14:42-46: Judy: I wonder why the Kwik-E-Mart looks as it did in “The Telltale Head.” This would be understandable if it hadn’t appeared to it’s current appearance seconds later.

15:20-22: Judy: “Huh! A cherry!”

15:55-56: Harriette: Sexist Ralph. It is just like when Ralph ogles Lisa in the cafeteria at the elementary.

15:55-56: Maggie: I agree. This is just like when Ralph ogles Lisa in the episode I believe was “Lisa the Beauty Queen.”

15:55-56: Judy: I also agree. I was going to mention that, Mags.

15:55-56: Tom: I agree with all of you. Ralph can go to Hell after saying that statement.

16:36-46: Harriette: “I’ll work from midnight to eight, come home, sleep five minutes, eat breakfast, sleep six more minutes, shower, then I have ten minutes to bask in Lisa’s love, then I’m off to the Power Plant, fresh as a daisy.” (thud)

16:47-49: Judy: “Oh my God, she killed him.” I always loved this moment, ever since I first watched this episode at it’s premiere in 1991.

17:17-23: Harriette: In mid 2009, I finally realized that this was just a close-up of Fiesta Terrace as it appeared in “Life on the Fast Lane.”

17:33-39: Judy: When I hear Ned’s evil laugh, I think that he skipped out a cent. That heathen!

17:39-44: Maggie: “Homer, you are asleep at your post! Now go change the expiration dates on the dairy products.”

18:01-34: Judy: Every time I watch this sequence, I suddenly get tired.

18:28-33: Tom: I love that moon.

18:34-18:36: Judy: When I was a child, I always said to Nathan that it was lucky that Homer didn’t crash or anything like that.

18:41: Maggie: I love how Homer isn’t even affected by the power-saw hitting him in the head.

18:45-46: Harriette: My life during college.

18:55-19:01: Judy: Something that irks me is that Homer always sleeps at his post, why does he care if he is awake or not?

18:55-19:01: Harriette: I agree. I thought this ever since it’s premiere in 1991.

19:03-19:05: Judy: Another thing that irks me: recycled footage from “Bart’s Dog Gets an F.” I don’t mind recycled animation, but it was a bit of a dumb idea to include a scene that showed Lisa with the mumps.

19:03-19:05: Tom: I agree…I can’t get that out of my mind ever since I saw that ‘goof’ section on IMDB or some other site, I cannot remember at this exact moment.

19:11-19:19: Maggie: I agree, Bart, I agree.

19:21-19:25: Judy: “Going for…eight hour walk.”

19:32-33: Judy: I can’t help but feel bad for Homer during this part of the episode. It actually makes me sad that he cares so much for his daughter that he takes up a second job just to please her.

20:09-14: Harriette: “All the years I’ve lobbied to be treated like an adult have blown up in my face.”

20:27-41: Maggie: My heart always breaks at this moment.

20:27:41: Judy: I agree. I remember that I started to tear up when I first saw this episode in 1991.

20:27-41: Harriette: Mine does too. I love this moment, for the willingness of Lisa to give up her pony for the love of her father.

20:27-41: Tom: I agree with all of you.

20:41-46: Judy: I am glad that the bitch that ran the horse farm actually had a soft spot. Every time I hear this line, I suddenly become glad.

20:41-46: Tom: Agreed.

20:52-21:15: Harriette: I am always confused at this moment…Homer is exhausted at 20:52, but at 21:17, he is suddenly refreshed.

21:15-18: Judy: “Oh no! What is it, a hippopotamus.”

21:34-43: Maggie: “He slept, he stole, he was rude to the customers. Still, there goes to best damned employee a convenience store ever had.” Perfect ending lines.

END OF EPISODE: Judy: I hope you all enjoyed this new “Conversation Episode Review.”  Have a nice day, everyone, from Judy!

END OF EPISODE: Harriette: As Judy said, I sincerely hope you enjoyed this “Conversation Whatever-hooie.” Have a nice day everyone, from me, Harriette!

END OF EPISODE: Maggie: As Judes and Harriette just said, I hope you enjoyed this “Conversation Episode Review.” Have a nice day, everyone, from Mag.

END OF EPISODE: Tom: As everyone has already said, I hope you enjoyed this “Conversation Episode Review.” This is a goodbye from Tom, saying have a nice day folks.


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