Conversation Episode Review – Homer’s Enemy

Taken from the Tumblr version of Everything Simpsons

This is another “Conversation Episode Review” for Everything Simpsons, this time reviewing season eight’s “Homer’s Enemy.” Let’s start with the introduction.

Judy: Shall we review “Homer’s Enemy,” today?

Maggie: Let’s. What are your thoughts on this episode, Judy?

Judy: I think it is a wonderful episode, and a good edition to season eight, despite being disturbing/dark.

Harriette: I second Judy’s statement.

Tom: I disagree with Judy’s opinion, as I think this episode is a real low. I absolutely don’t like this episode…it is too dark/disturbing.

Judy: Well, let’s get started with the episode.

Maggie: Here comes two!

0:49-52: Judy: “Which, if true, would mean death to us all.” Hilarious, hilarious line.

1:44-47: Maggie: Every time I watch this episode, I believe that the bird flies away with the diploma, leaving Grimey depressed.

1:44-47: Judy: I always do too, Maggie.

3:10: Harriette: Uh oh! You spilled the pencils on the lamp!

3:10: Judy: Damn, Harriette, I was going to say about that notable goof.

5:30: Judy: As a child, when I first watched this in 1997, I always wanted a factory like Bart’s…I would have hired all of my friends.

5:30: Maggie: I thought I was the only one! Would you have hired all of us?

5:30: Judy: God no.

6:37: Judy: I cannot help myself not to laugh at this. It is just utterly hilarious. Tom, how can you hate this episode?

6:37: Tom: That moment is funny, I’ll give you that.

7:10-11: Harriette: “Pigs tend to chew…I’d say he eats more like a duck.”

7:12-14: Judy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry. I just cannot help myself but to laugh at that moment. Once again, Tom, how can you hate this episode?

7:12-14: Tom: The only reason I hate this episode is that it is too dark and disturbing. Albeit there are funny moments in the episode. That is one of them.

7:49: Maggie: After watching this episode, I always wondered what would have happened if Homer had actually drunken the acid. I’ve pondered many a night, I tells ya.

7:49: Judy: Please excuse your blatant outburst, Margaret.

7:49: Maggie: Yes’um.

7:58-8:03: Harriette: “Acid, eh? That would have been stupid! Hehehehehehehehehehe…boy, would my face have been red!”

8:53: Judy: “Hi, Grimey, ol’ buddy!”

9:00-01: Maggie: After hearing Grimey saying that he and Homer were from now on enemies, I could help but feel sorry for Homer.

9:05-11: Judy: “Oh, I can’t believe it…I’ve got an enemy. Me, the most beloved man in Springfield!” I’ll make sure that I will say that the next time I get into a fight with somebody.

10:07: Judy: “Other kid: perfect!”

10:20-25: Judy: I just love this scene: “Oh, it’s him! It’s him! It’s him! It’s him! It’s him!”

10:20-25: Tom: I might as well get more than two sentences in this review, so I will say that I agree…that was an utterly hilarious moment.

10:20-25: Maggie: I agree.

11:24-32: Judy: I like the callbacks to “Two Bad Neighbors,” “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet,” “Deep Space Homer,” and “Homerpalooza.” It was nice to see that Homer and Gerald Ford’s friendship worked out.

13:04-11: Harriette: After watching this episode, I always wanted to play on those stairs.

14:31: Maggie: HAHAHA!

15:40-53: Judy: After seeing this, I always thought (and I still do) that Frank Grimes was an asshole.

15:40-53: Harriette: I agree, I have always thought that Frank Grimes was an asshole.

16:30-41: Tom: I have always thought that moment was hilarious.

16:30-41: Judy: Agree.

19:00-54: Harriette: An terrible end to an ass.

19:00-54: Judy: It isn’t funny that he died, but I have to agree…he was a bitch.

20:21-30: Judy: I always laugh at this moment, because of the inappropriate sense of laughter….I have always laughed that all of the mourners are laughing as a casket is being lowered into the earth.

END OF EPISODE: Maggie: I hope you enjoyed this “Conversation Episode Review,” everyone! Have a nice day!

END OF EPISODE: Tom: As Mags has already said, I hope you enjoyed this CER. I know I didn’t say more than five sentences in the whole twenty minutes of the review, but I hope you all enjoy it nevertheless!

END OF EPISODE: Judy: As Tom and Maggie have already said, I hope you enjoyed this CER. Have a nice day!

END OF EPISODE: Harriette: As everyone has already said, I hope you enjoyed this “Conversation Episode Review.” Have a nice day, and happy trails! Once again, have a nice day!


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