“Ladies and gentlemen … and especially little children … I’m glad you’re all here to witness what may very well be my grisly death. Tonight, as my most dangerous stunt, I will death-defy both nature and gravity by leaping over this tank of water filled with man-eating great white sharks, deadly electric eels, ravenous piranha, bone-crushing alligators, and perhaps most frightening of all – the King of the Jungle – one ferocious lion!” – Captain Lance Murdoch

“Heh heh heh, I almost forgot – to add a real element of danger, one drop of human blood.” – Captain Lance Murdoch

[Murdoch pricks his finger, one drop of blood rings out from the wound; the pool begins to bubble furiously]

“Now, in case I don’t survive, let me just say – seatbelts save lives, so buckle up!” – Captain Lance Murdoch


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