Christmas Gift Guide – Simpsons Edition

Our friends at Dead Homer Society recently made their own Christmas gift guide filled with Simpsons dealies, and that gave us an idea here at ES – which was, of course, to make our own Christmas gift guide. Keep it in mind that nearly all of these items are from Cafe Press/Amazon (look for the one that’s not); with US dollars as the price and that there is no notice that these items will be able to ship out of the US. And as shipping/handling takes awhile, please remember to order by the 20th of December as it will be able to arrive by Christmas Eve.

Anywho – on with the list.

Simpsons World – Ultimate Episode Guide for Seasons 1-20 – Recently released, this is a – as it says – complete episode guide for all episodes seasons one to twenty. A fine gift for the Simpson lover on your Christmas buying list.

Flying Hellfish T-Shirt – What Simpson fan couldn’t enjoy this nice little t-shirt representing their military unit?

Globex Corporation T-Shirt – Voted best place to work in Cypress Creek; 1997.

Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life – Though not recently released, it’s a nice little book.

The Simpsons Christmas Collection – Fun Christmas collection of The Simpsons on DVD.

Breakfast at Margie’s – Audrey Hepburn as a Simpson.

Alfred Hitchcock-Simpson T-Shirt –  Designed with Treehouse of Horror III and Hitchcock fans in mind.

Kentucky Fried Panda Mug – Nice mug for your finger ling-ling good coffee, soda, or whatever the hell you prefer to drink.

Mr. Sparkle T-Shirt – Fun little t-shirt – keep in mind that this is men’s.

The Gospel According to the Simpsons – Exactly as the title suggests, the gospel according to The Simpsons. Nice little book.

Ladies Man T-Shirt – Funny little t-shirt, men’s.

C:/Dos – Another fun little shirt.

Nuke the Whale  T-Shirt – Gotta nuke somethin’.

Flaming Moe’s T-Shirt – Perfect shirt for any classic Simpsons fan.

Pewter Collection – Homerism – Nice Pewter figurine.

D’oh – Photomosaic Puzzle – Fun puzzle for any Simpson fan; or puzzle fan.

Pin Pals Lunchbox – Fun gift for any school goer or lunchbox fan.

Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy – Up and atom!

Good/Evil Homer – Great.

Itchy & Scratchy Coffee Table – Along with our friends at Dead Homer Society, we thought this was so epic that it had to be shared. Though it’s not cheap at $379, just look at it –

And that’s the Christmas gift guide from all of us at Everything Simpsons. Have a happy holiday everybody, and be safe!

Judy, Harriette, and Tom‘s Contributions


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