Episode Review – “Moms I’d Like to Forget”

This episode was, like many others, very boring. I could follow the plot well; it just didn’t interest as other plots might have. The mini-subplot of Homer and the Dads of the group, I found pretty unfunny until the end, where Homer is so bored he embraces Ned. I would suppose the most hilarious moment of the episode would be when Principal Skinner is surrounded by the fighting teachers, and he plays the piano nervously. I only chuckled at that, so it was really laugh out loud, but since this episode was boring and unfunny I don’t think that I would have much choice.

I didn’t like the flashback with Comic Book Guy – only for the beginning, where you see Ralph, as a baby, being dropped on his head. I know this may ‘explain’ his difficulties, but I didn’t find it funny at all because you can really imagine a baby falling on their head. I also didn’t like the excessive amount of blood in the fantasy of Bart near the beginning, where the shark attacks the fighter pilot and then kills a football team. While I don’t mind blood, it was used really excessively in where it really wasn’t needed and the newer animation makes the blood look more ‘bloodlike’ than fake.

Overall, this episode was just what I said at the beginning – boring, unfunny, and just really bland. I’d give a C+, just because I’m generous.

And that’s how you got the mark of the sword.

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3 Responses to “Episode Review – “Moms I’d Like to Forget””

  1. 1 Lovejoy Fan
    January 10, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Honestly? CBG shouldn’t be having a flashback at all. Talk about forcing a character into a plot…

    But yeah, I hear what you’re saying about Ralph.

  2. January 13, 2011 at 9:56 am

    I know where you’re coming from – CBG is, more recently, forced into a plot all the time .. always where he isn’t needed.

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