Episode Review – Flaming Moe

This episode was really terrible. Not just for the reason that they ‘tweak’ the title of one of the greatest episodes of all-time, but for the reason that it was really unfunny and boring. I had to skip the subplot because I saw five minutes of it and I knew that it was to be bland and boring. The joke “Comic Book Gay” was really cheap and I hardly found it funny; along with the fat Grady. They put him on a promotional image of the episode, so I expected more of him in the episode – but he was hardly in the episode for more than five-six minutes.

I can’t say much about the subplot – as I mentioned before – I skipped it. But from the five minutes that I saw of it, it seemed bland and it hardly seemed to last more than eight minutes since the storyline basically ended at minute 15. Two things I did find funny in the episode was the “Gay Day” at Krustyland, and Homer eating the fake pretzel. But that’s all I found funny, and I had only really chuckled at it.

Overall, this episode was terrible (as I mentioned above), as I had guessed. I give it a D+, just because I’m generous.

Like Frisbee golf, I’ll only try it once.

Thanks for reading, Judy


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