the nostalgia factor — pt. 2

Above is a 1989 commercial, aired after “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”, to advertise the “pilot” of The Simpsons, “Bart the Genius”. You may notice Homer’s Walter Matthau shorts-season 1-half season 2 voice in the commercial above, something I had never enjoyed. Did you enjoy it? Are you just saying that because I didn’t? In our research, we find the latter to be true.

On the last nostalgia post, we reviewed ’90s commercials; we’re going to move onto the crappy merchandise! Yes! Most of the merchandise in recent years (2000-2009) are nicely constructed and enjoyable, along with a select number of ’90s toys/figures/stickers/board games/what have you. One of the things that caught my eye when I Google Imag’d “simpsons ’90s toys” was the image to the left.

You can’t get more fraudulent ’90s merchandise than that. What I mean is, you do get a Bart toy and it’s a nice vintage item, but it’s badly constructed. And that’s me being generous.  I’d probably still buy it, it is a nice collectible/playing item, but I’d never get over the differences between the real Bart and this. To each his own, I suppose.

The Simpsons nostalgia is a branch of nostalgia, obviously, that everyone experiences. If you collect Barbies, you’ll feel nostalgia when you find a Barbie you thought you lost. If you collect DVDs, you’ll experience nostalgia. And if you are a Simpson fan, you’ll experience nostalgia when you watch an episode that you haven’t seen in awhile, find a rare new item, or find a lost item that is crappily [is that a word or not? I’m using it nevertheless] assembled – that’s where we come in.

To the right is a set of what we assume ’90s bubble bath bottles featuring Homer, Marge, and Bart – the website we received the picture from has no date. This isn’t necessarily a “crappy” item, but Homer looks strangely skinny on the bottle; and he appears to be wearing a t-shirt instead of his normal polo. Eh, it’s still pretty nice; if I wasn’t so worried about getting herpes from using it, I’d buy it.

The item below has basically the same description; it’s not too bad, in fact I would buy it – but remember my fear of catching a venereal disease. Nevertheless, it’s a nice mousepad, ’90s vintage, and pretty nice to buy. However, we have no idea where to get one so I suppose you’ll have to do without your wrist/mouse in the same place as Mr. Burns’ crotch.

There you have it – The Simpsons ’90s nostalgia. Did we forget something? If we did then it probably wasn’t important enough to be featured. Crappy merchandise from any era (’50s, ’60s, ’70s, onward)  comes back to bite us in the ass. So please, retailers, stop marketing this rubbish. We aren’t all pacrats that would love it. Thank you.

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