Season 22 Information Revealed

Information for Zombie Simpsons’ season 22 has been revealed, including three episode plots and one “screencapture” of a previously revealed episode.


After a humiliating JumboTron incident involving Bart, Homer is sent to a “fathering enrichment class” run by Dr. Zander (played by guest star Paul Rudd), a therapist who is horrified to learn that Homer has a habit of throttling Bart, and helps Homer be a good father.

This episode is leaning toward the terrible side, but not much more information is revealed for it to be specifically bad or good as of yet, so we’ll just have to see how it turns out on March 27.


Lisa befriends an old magician (played by guest star Martin Landau), who gives her insight in performing one of Houdini’s greatest tricks.

The Great Simpsina? They seriously can’t get a better title than that? I guess we’re supposed to “enjoy” that it is a pun on The Great Houdini but I’m sitting here not laughing. The plot sounds ‘okay’ I would suppose, but the title is just Godawful. The airdate is set as April 10.


Fat Tony (Joe Mantegna) asks Selma to marry him, while Bart discovers he has ability to sniff out truffles.

So… I would go to say that Fat Tony was suddenly resurrected? Oh, wait, didn’t ‘Fit’ Tony become ‘Fat’ Tony? I guess I would forget that episode since I tried to repress it with all of my might. Secondly, Bart learning how to sniff out truffles? What the fuck is this? Excuse my language, but Jesus Christ the writers seriously can’t think of any better time filler nowadays. I’m expecting this episode to be bad, but let’s see if the writers surprise us. The airdate is set as May 1.

And to finish this season 22 information revealed post, we show you a screencapture of “A Scorpion’s Tale” – taken from, I assume, The Simpsons official website.

There you have it – more season 22 information to acid our eyes with. Be sure to catch all of those episodes, and if you wish, you can submit your thoughts and/or review of the respective episode here.

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