episode review – the scorpion’s tale

This episode was a definite landslide from last week’s enjoyable episode, I nearly cringed at the horribleness. The plot didn’t lean towards good or bad from the short description that was posted on here earlier, but seeing it executed – it’s bad. Definitely bad.

The plot seemed okay with Lisa discovering a serum that made usually grumpy creatures kind, fine, I can deal with that – but then the eyes popped out of the sockets and the episode was ruined for me. Seriously, writers? Time filler alert right there.

I have no idea where the joke of him being Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory came from, but – bad joke nevertheless. If I was missing something that linked him to WW&TCF then let me now, otherwise I’m giving this joke a bad “grade” (I don’t think that’s the word used best here) for no reason. Other bad jokes include (of course, as mentioned above) the eye sockets, the dirty French postcards Bart finds and Nelson takes, and Chalmers/Skinners at the end. I didn’t enjoy much from the episode, so I can’t really state any “good” jokes.

Ce bon! Ce bon! Ce bon! And remorse.

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