Episode Review – “A Midsummer’s Nice Dream”

This episode, as so many others, was bland, boring, and plain unfunny. The premise of Cheech and Chong had some potential, but of course we knew that it would be crashing down after the first five minutes or so. The B-plot with the Crazy Cat Lady and Marge only lasted around five minutes and that was more than enough.

The ending of the B-plot was cheap, as many other plot staples are, with the Crazy Cat Lady becoming a hoarder once more. Thank God that the episode didn’t end with Marge surrounded by her family, saying that the only thing she should have hoarded was hugs and kisses from her family. Out of the two, I’m glad we got this one. And that’s a lot to say. I only really chuckled at one thing, and that was Ralph’s “Cheech Audition” for Chong. Other than that, everything was boring and I was hoping for it to end soon.

Overall, this episode was shaky, boring, and not very funny. But where do you find a recent episode that is not? I’m giving this episode a C+, 3/5, just because I’m generous.

Chong’s not here, MAN!

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