Episode Review – “Love is a Many Strangled Thing”

This episode, as so many others — had a a shaky plot and was overall boring. The opening scene with Futurama was a nice touch; albeit only for a few seconds. The premise of Homer stopping his strangling of Bart and causing him to become a door mat for his son’s desires was not really needed because the episode took the route of nearly every single other in recent years – changed its original pace for something entirely different.

I did laugh at the Precious reference, along with Bart suddenly peeing his pants. The episode, I’ll admit, did seem okay in the beginning but after it took the route of changing its pace I was completely lost on it and I didn’t like it very much from there on out. Nothing else was funny but the two things I mentioned above; the episode was intended to be funny but it just wasn’t {–a common problem with new episodes–} Something I didn’t enjoy was the texting of the prank calls that we’re used to at Moe’s Tavern, it was basically the writers telling us that this isn’t The Simpsons anymore but a new modern splash that uses anything and everything going on as a fad in the world to make the episode more and more dated as the months come. And, personally, that makes me pretty sad.

Taken from user Percy Wellington on NoHomers;

i was actually a little shocked that they had bart simply not care whether or not his dad died. i mean, what the hell. bart may be a brat but he has a heart. that made him seem like a little heartless bastard, and that is definitely NOT the bart we’re used to. i may not have cared if it was funny, but i doubt that the writers could have made such a thing funny. that’s probably my least favorite bart moment right there

We agree completely.

The sudden homelessness of the therapist and his desire to kill Bart was a bit unneeded; they could have just had the therapist appear suddenly and disappear the same way and it would have made sense. But, eh, you give and take a little.

Are those butter cookies for everyone?

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