Exclusive: Nancy Cartwright looks back on 22 years of Bart

Interviewd by Zap2it, Nancy Cartwright tells the stories before her getting cast as the underachiever (mind you, proud of it), the table reads/recordings, and some of her favorite episodes of the show.

The interview isn’t very long, only consisting of nine questions and moderately short answers, but it’s a nice treat for a Simpsons fan, more so for those that have been with the show since 1989 – perhaps before then. An excerpt that I enjoyed was thus:

There was one episode … where I played I think four voices in one scene. And oh my god — the recording was easier than the table read. There’s much more pressure at the table read because you really want to get it right for the writers. The whole idea is it’s not a rehearsal for the actors; it’s really to make sure that the jokes work. I remember I was sitting at the very end of the table, and we’re doing the reading, and I’ve got [the different parts] color-coded — Bart is yellow, Nelson is orange — and I’m talking to myself, doing all these voices. At the end I was so out of breath. … Julie Kavner looked at me and went [Cartwright approximated Kavner’s Marge voice], “That was incredible, Nancy!” I got a nice round of applause.

Congratulations on your success, Nancy! We’re happy to see you in the long run and interviewed post-movie.

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