The Sad Story of the Real-Life Simpsons Home

My God. An update on the Simpsons home that was built in 1997 and sold in 2001? An edge-of-the-millennium story? Woohoo nostalgia!

Gizmodo reports the “sad” story of the real-life Simpsons home, which was a contest sponsored by Pepsi. The winner, unfortunately, chose the cash alternative of $75,000 – $45,000 difference from the cost to build the home – instead of the house which decorators watched over 100 episodes of “The Simpsons” to get it immaculately accurate. The cash was received by the retired elderly woman and the house was stripped of it’s “Simpsons” appearance in 2001.

Woe is the house — this newfound article makes me nostalgic for the days of simpsonforum (the website was something like that, I haven’t visited it in years) and its archive of articles from the years it happened. Along with this, there are stories from Business Insider and Letters from Here about the house, dated March 16-18 of this year. Yay nostalgia!

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