Update: Kyle McCoy has finished his mural of Springfield

Remember the story from March about a man named Kyle McCoy that was creating a model image of Springfield out of perler beads? According to the Daily Mail, he has since finished his project.

Several characters from seasons 1-8 in the mural "Project Springfield"

“It’s my ultimate tribute to it,” says McCoy. “I wanted it to be the definitive Simpsons art project and it had to be as detailed as possible.”

Creator Kyle McCoy stands in front of "Project Springfield"

As Springfield has no set layout, he had to painstakingly make a pixel-by-pixel map of the city using computer technology, which took around four months to complete. Some of the city’s landmarks, such as the Nuclear Power Plant and Kwik-E-Mart are visible on the mural. McCoy estimates that he used more than 140,000 perler beads to assemble 54 locations and 166 characters. He reports that he had to repeatedly watch episodes from the first eight seasons to get everything as accurate as possible. Woohoo for watching the first eight seasons, may I add.

Kyle hopes to move it to a art gallery, as it can “only be in his living room for so long.” Hopefully he moves it sometime soon so all Simpson fans can relish in the forty square feet of awesome (taking a saying from our friends at Dead Homer Society).

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