What I Thought of “The Real Housewives of Fat Tony”

I thought this episode was, as so many others, boring, bland, and plain unfunny. The downside of this episode is the entire New Jersey plotline and Selma’s “liposuction” operation. The episode, after 14 or so minutes, was basically over – the rest was filler; with the “Jersey Shore” spoofs, which are tired out and unfunny.

I did chuckle at a few things – mainly from the truffles subplot, which I’m surprised wasn’t the worse thing about this episode. The ending of Plopper (or was it just a regular pig?) becoming “addicted” to truffles and rampaging through Luigi’s restaurant for all the truffle food was a bit of a copout for me, I would have preferred the ending with Bart giving him a truffle and the subplot ending there – but of course, we need a copout once (twice in this episode’s case) an episode.

The ending of the A-plot with Selma/Fat Tony/Jersey Shore was yet another copout (as stated above, there were two in this episode), ending with Selma’s marriage dissolving in only five (give or take a few) minutes. Woohoo for inconsistency!

Overall, this episode was shaky and generally unenjoyable. I’ll give it a C+, just because I’m generous and hoping for a good one (that’s a far-fetched wish, but oh well) next Sunday.

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