Critic’s Corner – #NABF14

Lisa discovers the hidden "classroom."

Before I start this episode, I want to state that I had expectations for “500 Keys” beforehand. It seemed, from first glance, like a quasi-solid plot and an interesting one at that but then again with other episodes this season there is a good (hell, great) chance that my expectations are wrong. Let’s roll the tape.

My expectations were wrong, for the most part anyway. The episode was boring in every story except for Lisa’s which ended with nothing changed or different as expected from the mysterious theme of the plot. The aspect of having the five split into four different stories seemed promising but overall, only Lisa’s prevailed to interest me. I chuckled two moments from Homer’s plot line and the scene with Cletus and Brandine; overall, the episode doesn’t strike me as much of a funny episode.

The mysterious theme and adventure to find the answer of Lisa’s story struck my interest but it quickly faded after the answer was revealed; Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers explaining the story of the ultimately fake classroom to please the people that gave the school a grant was a letdown as it would have given more zest to the show to learn that it was a real classroom hidden from the world due to the tragedy of Bus 23 but oh well, what did I expect? It is a season 22 episode.

All in all, this episode is graded a B- in my opinion with a 3.5/5 rating. I’ll be reviewing “The Ned-liest Catch” the night of the season 23 premiere on Sep. 25. Stay tuned!

The children are on Bus 23.

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P.S. The framegrab used comes generously from Springfield! Springfield!


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