We’re back for the fall season!

Commented by Liam Gallagher on Aug. 15:

Is this blog dead?

Commented by SADTRUMPET on July 22:

Unacceptable to go over a month without a new post…

We all at Everything Simpsons are sincerely sorry for the unannounced hiatus during the summer and the recent lacking in posting for these last few months. We will pick up our pace and try not to go on another long, impromptu hiatus, but as with any blog writers that are also young adults, we have life obligations and cannot find time to do everything at once. As we are all on leave from jobs, babysitting duties, school (college), etc. we intend on becoming a new and improved Everything Simpsons.

While we were gone, I (Loyal Magic Frog #1) planned to pick up the “Random Episode Reviews” once more as I have been severely lacking in that corner of the website, which has been renamed to “Critic’s Corner: (episode number, for ex: ep. 100)”. We all agreed that we wanted to start a new line of posting as the site is filled with only random news tidbits here and there\quotes, quotes, and quotes. We decided to go to the old tried and true route: ask the audience! Do you have a suggestion of what we should add here at Everything Simpsons? Comment!

Otherwise, we have removed the “Hilarious Photo from the Show” for the reasons that it felt as if it wasn’t needed anymore. Anyhow, we are back and we will stay back, especially considering the Halloween season is only a month away and we all know what that means: rolling the Halloween quotes reel!

Thanks for bearing with us and (still) reading,



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