Critic’s Corner – #4F01

Lisa develops a crush on Nelson, the school bully.

As an obligatory introduction to this review, I’d like to say that “Lisa’s Date with Density” is one of those episodes that touch your heart and tickle your funny bone. This was a great episode to rewatch and a fantastic addition to the season eight.

The plotline is cliché for the most part – a young girl falling in love for the first time with the least likely candidate. The only episode of any show with this theme that I can stand, I agree that this episode is real and touching. The subplot, of Homer running a telemarketing scam, is just as good might I add; it saves this episode in the humor factor.

After getting in trouble for laughing at a prank Nelson pulled on Groundskeeper Willie, Lisa begins to fall for the school bully. At first repressing her feelings, Lisa then tries to approach Nelson and get to see a new side of him. Lisa’s character development in this episode is outstanding, her first true “romance” buds in this episode and she has to cope with the harsh reality that you can’t change who a person is.

As for the subplot, which in hindsight seemed to be a, successful might I add, filler for humor; I enjoyed it utmost. Homer’s yelling to Ned and Maude, the latter who keeps yelling to her husband to unplug the phone as Homer’s telemarketer scam keeps re-dialing their number. Wiggum’s “it got me out of the bath seven times! Seven!” is a funny line, along with Burns’ quip after being asked for a dollar from “Happy Dude”: “I’d be happier with the dollar.

Overall, this episode is a solid, emotional, humorous addition to season eight and a great moment of character development for the quasi-ignored Lisa. A+/5/5 for me.

We had to pack his ears with gauze.

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P.S. The framegrab featured above comes generously from Last Exit to Springfield!


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