“The Simpsons” on the internet: a retrospective from an Simpsons fan ‘net user

Starting to go on the internet regularly at the tender age of seven in 1996 when fruits were comparable to computer casings, I experienced some of the internet’s early triumphs and blunders. Many of these aforementioned triumphs and blunders occurred in The Simpsons group of fans which were fairly active during the early years of the computer craze; alt.tv.simpsons was the rage and The Simpsons had just been given their own website after going in their seventh season. GeoCities was the place you went to get your own free domain and at the time when it was shut down in October 2009 there was (I being one of them) at least 38 million amateur-built websites, some, including the first appearance of “Everything Simpsons”, Simpsons-related (examples include: rubbercat.net/simpsons). The internet was introduced to OFF during the mid-tenth season and continued for a few years afterward with Lisa eventually getting a sometimes there, sometimes not computer placed on her toilette. FOX often didn’t leave fans who wanted to experience Springfield hanging for long as they would often register domains that appeared in recent episodes (let’s all go commercial!), such as Mr. X (which is still online but not updated; appeared in “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes”), What Badgers Eat (which is still online as well; appeared in “A Tale of Two Springfields”), and Quimby 2000, which was made as a promotional stunt for the United States presidential election.

I was more into “The Simpsons” fan-websites during the early 2000s, ex: Simpsons Crazy and Simpsons Channel. Sites like Simpsons Folder, The Krusty Page, and (the now closed/merged into Baby Simpson) Lisa the Beauty Queen, unfortunately unlike the two aforementioned popular Simpsons news outlets, faded into the fan-site abyss that plagues many. I still check them (apart from the last mentioned, of course) for the little speckle of nostalgia that hangs there and every other Simpsons fan site that began in the mid-late ’90s and ran out of updates by 2006 (some cases, later).

What became of these sites, or, rather, their owners? Little is known about the owners (sadly, we’re not a NBC Dateline news team and we can not contact any owner of a dormant Simpsons fan site) but some sites closed, while others stayed open but abandoned.

In closing, I’d like to state that some of these sites (likelier are the ones opened in the mid-’90s or created by GeoCities) are a true testament of the time: poorly drawn flash animations, ’90s “geek code”, and of course, the icing on the cake — information about an upcoming episode that now, in 2011, aired 15 years ago.

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