Sunday Cartoons

“Num-num, good salt lick.” – Lisa

As I was rewatching “The Simpsons”, I came across the eighth episode of the third season, “Lisa’s Pony”, in which Lisa spirit is cheered when given a long-awaited pony by her father in response for his forgetfulness to get her a saxophone reed in time for a school talent show; nearing the third act, Homer, in desperate need of money due to the expenses of the horse, takes a job at the Kwik-E-Mart. Shortly after he takes the job, there is a scene between Lisa and her horse, Princess, where Lisa states that Princess hasn’t taken a taste of her salt lick therefore Lisa takes a lick to convince her and the horse begins to lick with her; when the scene ends there, it seems, to me at least, a fairly poignant moment in which you see how attached Lisa is to her horse and when you pair it with the concluding scene of her giving Princess up to the stable-owner to help her father’s well-being, it’s heartbreaking. The writers here at ES miss these moments in the era of reanimation; in this scene no more words than necessary are used, the lighting is done perfectly, and the story transitions.

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P.S. The framegrab featured above comes generously from Simpsons Park!


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