Critic’s Corner – #NABF17

To start this review, I want to say that I had (however miniscule) hope for this episode’s premise; which, unsurprisingly, turned out wrong. Roll the tape.

Once again, the couch gag is too long, and unfunny; no matter if it was animated by “Ren and Stimpy” creator John Kricfalusi. Homer’s opening joke (something along the lines of ‘money for bad schools and kids we didn’t want’, excuse me if I’m horribly wrong in the scripting which I know I undoubtedly am) gained a chuckle out of me, however; the ATM joke by Homer was chuckle-worthy at the beginning but, as usual, it ran too long and lost any hilarity. The “The Breakfast Club-Fight Club” joke was unneeded to the overall plot and unfunny. The President references made by Bart (‘dollar bill guy, sex guy, Will Ferrell’, etc.)  were, per usual, unfunny.

Unknown to me whether it was meant to be a “joke”, Superintendent Chalmers’ implied sexism (‘manly education’, ‘reared towards girls’) isn’t funny, but what in this episode gives anybody more than the occasional rolling of the eyes and the semi-chuckle? Call me an uptight feminist, I don’t care. Homer’s “parenting” by asking Bart and his “Rough Riders” if they are cyberbullying is yet another unneeded distraction to the main plot. Homer’s “interruption” of Kent Brockman (‘are you covering me up?’) was, dare say, funny, I’ll admit. Chief Wiggum’s reference to ‘The Muppets Take Manhattan” was an unexpected funny line; however, the ending “Night at the Museum” joke was an unfunny way to end a (slightly) unfunny episode. I give it a C+/3.5/5.

If a group of muppets can take Manhattan…

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