Critic’s Corner: Short reviews for the last three episodes

I had written full reviews (around 2-5 pages long) of the last three episodes (THOH XXII, Replaceable You and The Food Wife), but I have misplaced the papers with the written reviews and I cannot find them whatsoever (way to go…), so in that stead, before I get another full review ready, I will just state the gist of all of what I can remember from the reviews I had already made.

Treehouse of Horror XXII (aired October 30, 2011)

The first segment of the newest addition to the THOHs was awful; it was all over the place and I didn’t enjoy many of the jokes. The second segment was a cheap Dexter parody, and I didn’t enjoy the ending with the reveal of Homer’s impersonation of God to get Ned to kill those that have caused some disturbance to Homer. The end of the second segment was not enjoyable either, with the reveal of Maude being Satan’s girlfriend in Hell. The third segment was yet another cheap parody, but this time for Avatar. I enjoyed part of the episode’s jokes, but I cannot remember which one specifically at this moment. All in all, I’d give this year’s Treehouse of Horror a low B-, 3/5.

Replaceable You (aired November 6, 2011)

This episode wasn’t anything too special, the guest appearance of Jane Lynch, at least in my opinion, was not needed; the ending to the A-plot, featuring Roz (Jane Lynch), had a cheap ending and I didn’t really understand what the significance of her despising physical contact had to do with anything of Homer being more intellectual than she had imagined. The B-plot, with Bart’s science project robotic-seals, was as the first one, nothing too special to mention. The death of [SPOILERS] Mrs. Glick was known to me before watching this episode (I had watched this episode weeks after its premiere and I had already the knowledge of Mrs. Glick’s ‘death’, the latter in quotations as you can’t rely on continuity anymore) but it was still a shock. All in all, this episode was semi-lackluster; I’d give it a high B-, 3.5/5.

The Food Wife (aired November 13, 2011)

This episode would be my favorite of the three, if I had to choose one; however, the beginning video game convention wasn’t that funny, and now that I remember it; in the 18th (17th?) season, didn’t they do a World of Warcraft parody entitled Earthland Realms in Marge Gamer (one of the better post-classics, in my opinion), so why did they go and do an unfunny parody titled World of Krustcraft here? Marge’s line of elderly squirrels coming to die in her engine gave me a laugh, and the ‘Marge’ disco party in her mouth was chuckle-worthy. The animation in this episode was nicely done, the colors were vivid and the shadows in a few of the scenes were a nice touch. Whilst watching this episode, I got to thinking of how Marge’s character is not given very many episodes in recent years (she wasn’t many in the classic years, either, for that matter), I’d enjoy to see a funny, classic-era reminiscent (hell, quasi-classic era reminiscent) episode featuring Marge; I believe that Julie Kavner has the talent to hold an episode like that. All in all, I’d give this episode an A-, 4/5.

Stay tuned for the full reviews! (if I can find them)

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