Triplrama Feature; Critic’s Corner: #PABF03, #PABF05, #PABF06

As we writers here at Everything Simpsons took an impromptu delay (hell, we knew the delay was coming eventually when we came back, it’s just a matter of time before another “impromptu” delay comes again), I missed four new episodes of The Simpsons, thus rendering me unable to register my disgust with the internet in a matter of seconds of its end. Roll the tapes!

Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson (aired January 8th, 2012)

Before I start this episode, I want to say that I heard nothing from the plot beforehand, so I don’t know what exactly to expect. Let’s see.

Being five minutes in and still having nothing to note, I finally did – Bart refers to YouTube by its proper name, but when the logo is shown, it’s “MyTube?” What was the point? The reference to Bart’s video of Homer being “Jimmy Fallon’d’ was slightly accurate – he takes videos and makes them unfunny. If they had mentioned “unfunny” along with it, it would have been 100% accurate.

Homer’s show beginning with him feeding seed to wooden chickens made me chuckle, but only for a second. Homer’s way of pointing out that he says things people are afraid to say, but not racist things, was a nice reference to the racism on shows like his (FOX News’s shows come as a reminder), I also chuckled at him zooming into “Dateline: Nebraska,” making me also laugh at his expression when he said “soccer.”

This episode seemed short in terms of funniness and entertainment, but overall, it wasn’t overly terrible. I’d give it a B-, 3/5.

Because of the damned football, I will not be able to review “The D’ohcial Network,” so let’s go on to the new episode.

Moe Goes from Rags to Riches (aired January 29th, 2012)

Unlike the previous episode, I (just now, but I read) read about the plot and I’ve come to the verdict that it will be boring. Let us see.

While I like some aspects of the rag’s (yes, a bar rag – there’s nothing wacky at all about that) story, but it is generally boring. Despite being 20 minutes in currently, I see nothing to note, other than that it isn’t overly terrible, but not entertaining either. The story by the rag (out of context, that would seem odd) isn’t stupid, but him being Moe’s best friend nearly reaches that status, and the fight between Bart and Milhouse isn’t noteworthy of entertaining either. Homer (at least a version of him ) chopping off a corn (or was it a bunion?) into the soup during the Depression-era part of the rag’s story was disgusting, to say the least. Homer’s underwear, on the other hand, “saving his strength” for Homer’s bike ride made me chuckle, if only for a little bit.

Overall, this episode wasn’t that funny, but it wasn’t horrible. I’ll give it another 3/5, B-.

The Daughter Also Rises (aired February 12th, 2012)

Before I start this episode, I’d like to say that my verdict, upon reading the synopsis, is that it won’t be that entertaining, funy, etc. Lt us see.

The couch gag was nice, I liked Apu appearing on Stampy’s back. It was a surprisingly nice couch gag – not too long, overdone, or unfunny. But let us remember it is #499!

“MythCrackers?” How hard, especially when you have the hosts guest-starring, is it to actually reference the real title of the show? (My guess? Incredibly.) Even though I’m at 20 minutes in, I, once again, find nothing extraordinary to note. The episode isn’t particularly funny, nor that entertaining. However, Hemingway’s swordfish appearing to Lisa (“he peed in the fireplace!”) was chuckle-worthy, but that was it for the episode as a whole, really.

Overall, this episode, like the others, wasn’t that funny, but not exceedingly terrible. I’ll give it a 2.5/5, C+.

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