500th Episode Review Bash; Critic’s Corner: #1F18

Bart inadvertently has Principal Seymour Skinner fired, him being replaced by Ned Flanders

100th episode! We’ve made the first meaningless (maybe slightly above complete meaninglessness) milestone! Today is the airing of the 500th episode, so, to celebrate, we (I) will be reviewing all of the -00th episodes, in order, leading up to “At Long Last Leave” tonight. Let’s roll the tape!

The line of Bart replying “not likely” to Marge’s comment on people laughing at him in 20 years from now (then) was slightly predicting the future. Marge’s line, “I just think they’re neat,” in reference to potatoes is one of my favorite moments; Superintendent Chalmers’s line about the “low test scores, class after class of ugly, ugly children” is another line I love. Some other notable quotables/moments: “They don’t have them group turlets here no more, do they?,” Homer’s binge on peanut butter cups in Flanders’ office, the smoking “K” from the Kwik-E-Mart moments after three bombs (were they bombs?) headed their way from Principal Skinner’s army range.

The friendship between Principal Skinner and Bart is one seen time and time again – two enemies come together after an incident and become good friends, and then an idea/something of that nature happens to bring everything back to the way it was again before the plot ends, with an emotional (usually emotional?) goodbye scene before things go back to normal and they are enemies once more. The scenes of them together were nice; I particularly liked the animation during the beach scene (where Bart does a surprisingly right-on-the-first-try hit with a log for a crab on Skinner’s ear) with the sun setting in the background. The spider biting the back of Bart’s head (which Lisa had thought was guilt for getting Skinner inadvertently fired) was slightly disturbing, if I recall correctly, I remember hearing someone (any help specifying who that person was would be appreciated, but is not required, I’m too lazy at this moment to search for it myself) on the commentary for this episode say that it happened to his daughter, and the joke became unfunny to him from then on (albeit laughing about it).

Overall, this seems, to be at least, to be a tad anti-climactic episode for being the show’s 100th, but it is funny, entertaining, slightly emotional, solid, generally good episode nonetheless. I give it a 5/5, A+.

The framegrab above comes generously from The Simpsons-O-Rama!

Don’t touch the wallpaper.

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