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500th Episode Review Bash; Critic’s Corner: #EABF05

Bart is emancipated from his parents, moving into his own loft with the money supplied by half of Homer's paycheck

30 . . . 2? Advertised (fraudulently) as the 300th episode, “Barting Over” was actually the 302d episode, but, on the insistence of FOX, it was built up and advertised as the 300th episode of “The Simpsons.” Instead of reviewing the travesty that is the actual 300th episode (“The Strong Arms of the Ma”), I will review “Barting Over,” which is slightly less travesty-like (for the lack of better terms). Yet another meaningless milestone down the road, two more to go tonight! Let’s roll the tape.

The feral Furbies and Homer’s “incriminating” photos were chuckle-worthy, if only for a bit. The reference to Casablanca (“Of all the websites in the world,I had to click on his”) was a nice touch, as well; notable quotables/moments include: “I could’ve sworn it was 302,” one of the few self-aware “jokes” in the post-classic (at least from my memory) era. With this being a post-classic episode (post-classic = declined quality = not many jokes/notable moments = nothing to review), and post-classic being already defined, I will say the obvious: I have little to review (maybe I should have reviewed the travesty, I would have more to talk about), so I’ll instead go ahead to nitpicking the guest stars.

The guest appearance of blink-182 was not really needed (the guest appearance of Tony Hawk is out there, but “important” to the overall plot development, I suppose), and the plot itself was shaky and there were few jokes in the entire episode (I found myself wishing for something to come along, even something bad, just so I would be able to add something to the review, but, alas, no cigar). Overall, this episode was lackluster, with not many jokes/entertaining qualities. I’d give it a 2.5/5, C-.

The framegrab above comes generously from Last Exit to Springfield!

No more Baby-Stink-Breath!

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