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500th Episode Review Bash; Critic’s Corner: #5F09

Homer wins the election for sanitation commissioner, defeating incumbent Ray Patterson

And so we come to the 200th episode. Yet another (meaningless) milestone in “The Simpsons” history, this episode later won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or Less) at the 51st Primetime Emmy Awards, which the staff believe was due to the environmental message at the end, something not intended. Let’s roll the tape!

The executive for Costington’s (‘Over a Century Without a Slogan’) referring to “Christmas 2” was a funny line, for me anyway; Homer’s disappointment (and later facing away from the bear she did get, Sir Loves-a-Lot) at Marge’s failure to buy “Lord Huggington” for Homer for Love Day (“It’s just the same generic bear, Homer.”) is a favorite moment, along with Bart opening his “Kisses-Make-Me-Boogie-O’Lantern” (rewatching this last night, I laughed particularly hard at Julie’s read of the name of the knick knack, for whatever reason). Marge accusing the “crazy lady who lives in the trash [pile]” of attacking her, with Homer replying that wasn’t the way “she told it” are two other favorite moments from this episode, continuing with Marge telling Homer that the school nurse told her that Bart has the plague (which Homer misunderstands, and compares it to the measles – easier to get it out of the way). Other notable quotables/moments: Homer feeling “violated” over Marge signing his name on an apology letter, dismissing that singing her name on “simple” things such as loan applications or wills is not the same, “Moonlight Sonata” (was it Moonlight Sonata?) being played by Lisa’s mind as solace for the uninformed Homer (“It was like David and Goliath, except, this time, David won.”), Homer rattling Ray Patterson’s bird cage, Homer’s anger at Bart for telling the public he’ll “beat him” if he doesn’t win, later mumbling (still picked up by the microphone) “You’re gonna get such a beating,” Homer’s disguise as the ‘potato man’ (“Where the hell have you been?”), the “Take a hike, Kojak!” line said by Homer as he kicks away the camera operator (not sure what her job specifically was), and of course, the “Garbageman Can” song. There aren’t any particularly notable animation moments in this episode as in episodes previous in this season, but that does little to lessen my opinions.

Overall, this episode was entertaining, funny, solid, and a generally good episode in the cusp between classic and post-classic eras. I’ll give it a 5/5, A+.

The framegrab above comes generously from The Simpsons-O-Rama!

Who can take the trash out, and stomp it down for you?

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“Who are you?” – Security Guard #1

“Potato man.” – Homer

“Where the hell have you been?” – Security Guard #2