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500th Episode Review Bash; Critic’s Corner: #JABF15

Kent is disgraced and fired after unintentionally blurting a swear word during "Smartline", his talk show

We’ve reached 400! Yet another meaningless milestone (should there be a drinking contest on how many times I’ve said that today?) down the road of “The Simpsons” history. Season 18 would probably be considered by favorite post-classic season, I enjoyed some of the episodes in this season (examples: The Wife Aquatic, Marge Gamer). Nevertheless, let’s roll the tape.

The guest appearance of Ludacris (“Ludacrest”) was not really needed, other than a stale gag that is “appropriate” for a dentist visit, the situation at hand. I’m confident in the statement that I’m not the only one who would like to know what the word was meant to be – I’m going to bet money on (shield the children’s eyes, Helen Lovejoy!) “motherfucker asscracker.”

The accusation that FOX airs tasteless, liberal programming to attract fines from the FCC to fund the Republican party is a semi-nice crack against Republicans (and FOX News, as well, I suppose); I enjoy the “silencing” of the truth against FOX by cutting off Homer with the 20th Century Fox logo, the Gracie Films logo, and then the credits for the show itself. Other notable quotables/moments: the callback (was it meant to be a callback?) to Birch Barlow being a Republican radio personality, Homer appearing on a white screen after being initially silenced by FOX, and Stampy appearing on Homer’s “Wall of Casual Acquaintances Who Came to Stay for a While.”

Overall, I’d like to reiterate that season 18 is most likely my favorite post-classic season (with examples of favorite episodes in the post-classic era above), and this episode was slightly shaky, but not overly terrible. I’d give it a 3/5, B-.

The framegrab above comes generously from Last Exit to Springfield!

Ow, that hurt like a –

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